Founded in 2007, locates in Xuzhou-a historical and cultural city in north of Jiangsu Province, China, Jiangsu Trumpstrap Packaging Technology Co., Ltd is the earliest professional manufacturer who engaged in the cargo safety, transport packaging, bundling, fixing and warehousing. We have our own brand Trumpstrap for all of our Polyester Strap series , and we do OEM for customers.

Trumpstrap including Composite Straps, Woven Strappings (Lashings), Ratchet Tie Down, meanwhile we produce Buckles & other accessories and Dunnage Bags, Tapes, PET Straps, FIBC etc. We are enlarging our product scopes if customers or market need. Our products are exported to Asia, Europe, America, Australia and other regions, and we enjoyed good reputations from our customers all over the world.

With the rapid development of the logistics industry and people��s attention to goods transport packaging, traditional steel strap cannot meet people's demands, so Composite Strap came into being. Composite Strap is as strong as steel, flexible, safe to use, cost-saving, environmental protection, no rust or corrosion, it��s the best alternative to steel strap.

In 2011, we successfully developed Composite Strap. We have complete specifications, competitive price and prompt delivery, and our quality reached international advanced level. Using with buckles, tensioners and dispensers, Trumpstrap can greatly improve the packaging efficiency and save time. Trumpstrap has been widely used in chemicals, glass, machines, metals, paper and other industries. We can make Trumpstrap as per customer's styles and sizes, their satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

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High tensile strength, replace the traditional steel strapping way
Elastic elongation and recovery.
Good tension and momery, shock absorption, excellent impact
resistance in long distance transit.
Safe, good flexibility, will not scratch the package and hurt the
hands, easily cut without special tools
Will not rust or corrode.
Will not break wholly even if it’s partially cut off from lateral.
Easy disposal as common industrial waste
Save extra costs caused by cargo damage.
Strength capacity from 0.5-8.5KN
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